Wednesday, November 02, 2011

First time with the motorcyle lane

We went to San Mateo, Rizal yesterday, October 31, it was a holiday and we decided to give the new motorcycle lane along Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City a try. We seldom used this road whenever we travel to San Mateo because of very high statistics of road accidents here.

The new motorcycle lane was just recently opened or launched (whatever they call it) for the safety of the motorcycle riders. But here are my and my husbands observation based on our personal experience.

1. I think they should make all the markers more bigger and visible. We were very cautious when we were about to turn left to Commonwealth avenue and I was trying hard to recall where the motorcycle lane is, was it fourth or second lane from the left? and I was right, we didn't see it immediately.

2. And along the road , there were parts where the markers just stopped and we didn't know if we were still on our lane or not? We can't find blue marks at all..why is that?

3. We traveled on a holiday where there were few buses and cars but still, they were taking the lane that should be for us! And to think other lanes are free? What more on a regular day? see the picture below, the bus right there in front of us. They should not allowed that I think.

Did we feel the difference of having that designated lane for motorbikes. I think yes, I feel safer compared to sharing the same lane with the big buses all the time.

I still think though that accidents can be avoided if we all drive carefully, and for motorbike riders like us, we should wear proper motorcycle helmets always.

It is also prohibited to ride the motorbike in your slippers and shorts. And I suggest we should all follow rules, that's for our own safety anyway.

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  1. I hope they mark the lanes better so you'll always know you are in the bike lane. As for the picture of the bike between two buses? That's allowed here in California. It's not a good thing in my opinion.

    Have a terrific day. :)