Saturday, September 03, 2011

Kids stuff

This cute little girl is into "hello kitty stuff " these days, years ago, she was so into "barbie" that's why we had barbie as her birthday party theme when she turned seven. Now she always asked me to buy her hello kitty items.

(her barbie cake and cupcakes)

My other nephew naman before has this love for everything "pokemon" and I am so proud and happy how we made his "pokemon theme" birthday also when he turned seven. Another nephew was fascinated with dinosaurs before and you guess, that's his birthday theme also for years. So far none of them liked superheroes.
                                                                 (pokemon cake)
I don't know if my youngest nephew would fall into superheroes someday, I hope so. why? because it's easy to buy items with superheroes design such as superman costume or batman shirts. The captain america backpaks from personal creations are nice too!

But I let them be, as a doting aunt, I can only give them what they would appreciate and love :)

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  1. Pink is so pretty and little girls are just so fun to buy for. I know I enjoy buying for my grand-babies.

    Have a terrific day Rocks. :)