Friday, September 09, 2011

Fashion : Womens Sweaters

I am a sweater person (because our office is freezing always). I make it sure I have one ready sweater in the office everyday. And  now that cold season (ber months) is on , womens sweaters becomes a necessity in one’s everyday ensemble.

But do you know how hard it can be for a plus size women to get that perfect fit whether it’s a sweater or not.? Because I wanted to get a new one for my self next month, I decided to search what would look nice on me and what I should consider.

First and foremost: I will not sacrifice comfort. I dare not wear a stylish branded sweater but be uncomfortable the whole time I’m wearing it. As a matter of fact I regretted buying tops that ends up sitting in my closet because I do not feel comfortable with them.

Fashion stylists often say that when you have an apple shape body type (most of body weight is n the middle and abdomen) like me, you should choose a V-neck type or a cardigan. You can have a lace camisole inside and layer it with the v-neck and you’ll look good. I should trust them stylist. I once wore a turtle neck sweater and I didn’t like it. I looked shorter and bigger. I learned from that mistake.

                                                        (One of my favorite style and color)

Being overweight doesn’t mean we don’t deserve to look good and fashionable. I guess we should learn what’s best and what’s not for us.
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  1. I like both of these sweaters. Won't be too long and we'll be wearing them again here. Summer is quickly coming to an end.

    Have a terrific day Rocks. :)