Monday, July 25, 2011

Laser warts removal

My friends and I bought a discount voucher for a “ laser warts removal unlimited” that originally cost 3,000.00 ($72.00) from a discount /deal or whatever you call it company, you know they are sprouting like mushrooms now a day and as I’ve said before I’ve subscribed to few of them and this is my third buy. They offered 90% discount so we only paid 300.00 each ( $7.15) For that big amount of discount, we are more than happy.

I just do hope and pray that even if ours is a discount voucher, we will still get the same service and treatments the clinic is giving for their regular customers. I really really wish we’ll have no regrets after the treatment.

I’ve been longing to have all my warts removed since time immaterial but have been postponing because it is expensive.

And now is my chance so wish me all the best! And of course will write a review after.


  1. Hi Rock:-) I think the firt commentor took it the wrong way...I'm sure you have no genital warts!:-)
    But anyhow, that was a good deal, 300 for the treatment. Nice! God bless:-)

  2. Hi Pearl!! thanks for commenting. I deleted the first one..hehe :) I don't know her naman and looks like promoting a page lang. of course I'm talking about facial warts ..:D

  3. Anonymous5:41 PM

    Hi girl! I'm just curious, ok naman ba yung treatment? Yun din kasi yung worry ko baka pag voucher lang eh hindi ka aasikasuhin ng maayos