Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Identity fraud

I do not know if there has been a reported case of identity theft here in the Philippines but I do know there are many incidents of such crime here, I would consider my self a victim once when my email was hacked and sent email to my contacts asking for money, good thing no one believed that scam. But there are more serious cases like with the credit cards fraud which is rampant today, so be careful when you swipe your card and guess what? even if your card is just sitting pretty well in your wallet, there are some (bad) geeks out there who can get your identity with the invisible radio waves from your card, next thing you know somebody used your identity and your cards to purchase this and that.

I never knew that until I read about rfid blocking wallet (so it really is important to read) anyways, this wallet blocks the radio frequencies from your cards so you can’t be the prey of those thieves anymore. It somehow give you a peace of mind that your cards are safe. Be careful everyone!

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