Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Small Business for the Summer

Summer is here! And so is the rain, it’s been raining since Saturday and it is the first month of summer, normally on this month temperature goes up and it can become really hot and dry and warm as 35 degrees. Weather forecasters said it will be a wet summer which would likely be my first ever wet summer. But honestly I’m in doubt, there would be rains maybe but I think it would still be a fiery hot summer for us. Who would enjoy a wet summer anyway?

Anyways, because summer is here we were discussing with some friends and youth at our church some possible small business for the season, we were thinking of ways to raise fund for the upcoming youth camp and I suggested since it’s summer already and school is ending soon, why not sell something outside the church? Ours was a bust street especially now that there is manpower agency beside the church. What to sell? Well, we’ve come up with many ideas, first thing in our mind is the halo-halo (for non Filipino readers-this is mixed sweetened fruits with crushed iced and evaporated milk). This is a big hit every summer and for sure they’ll sell because it’s hot and people want something cold, another idea is fruit shake but they would need a blender for that. Whatever they choose, I just hope it sells and that they would be able to generate profits and funds for their youth camp.

It helped also that yesterday hubby taught of hanging and putting outside the t-shirts we were selling and he was able to sell more than 10 t-shirts! It made me think of a real t-shirt selling business complete with a shop of our own equipped with an easy to use credit card machines with employees and all. Talk about day dreaming. Who knows? Hubby is still doing a lot of t-shirt designs and most of his designs are being loved naman, or maybe they’re just our friends and churchmates :)

Still, I know we will have a real business in this lifetime. When?


  1. how are you? im glad you were able to visit SG:-) God bless.

  2. Hi pearl! I'm good..yup, we were able to attend the SG conference, God is really faithful and good!! SO glad to hear that your pc is working fine now.