Monday, March 07, 2011

earn more.old parents

I just signed up in and made an account there, I have yet to complete my resume though. I'm seriously thinking of changing job and giving a shot for an overseas job, although that would not take place soon because I haven't applied to any job yet. I am still seeking more sound career advice or confirmation or whatever you may call it from people I look up to.

But honestly, seeing my parents back home made me want to earn more so at least I could give them a much better life before it's too late. They're old and they deserve something better, they deserve best. I know I am giving my best but still that's not enough. I wanted to give them a lot of things, a repair of the old house is on top of that and from what I am earning now I can not do that.

Career change to earn more. I hope that's still possible for me.

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