Monday, February 28, 2011

Senior Parents

Both my parents are in senior years already, my Nanay will celebrate her 72nd birthday this year and my Tatay turned 74 last January. But old as they are, they refused to live with anyone of us and is living on their own in the province which is four hours by bus and another hour travel by jeepney. That is why we seldom go and visit them and that pains my heart. I wish they're just an hour away so I can see them often.

I hope to visit them next week. After we have settled in our new place.

I also wish there are affordable life insurance for seniors because I wanted to get one for my parents. But I have check three local insurance providers already and saw none :(

I will just keep on praying for my parent's good health always and I hope i would be able to convince them to come here in Manila and live with us.

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