Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Gadget vs clothes

This year, we didn't frequent the clothing section of departments stores as we usually does on Christmas season but visited a lot of gadget store for the husband's ultimate wish this Christmas. An iPod which he finally got hold of last week. He couldn't be happier.

So instead of me browsing the ladies and men's clothing section in the malls last week he tagged me in his search for that perfect gift for him. I never mind though because I also got a nice gift.

But still, I need new clothes ( note that I said I need it and not want because really I need them) especially some jeans and tops. And because we already spent the money, clothes have to wait until the second quarter of the coming year.

Happy new year everyone! How have you been preparing for your new year's celebration?

1 comment:

  1. I hope you get your new clothes very soon. I can so relate to needing and not wanting new clothes.

    We're staying home for the New Year. Like we always do. The parties are for the young.

    Have a terrific day and a very happy New Year. :)