Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday. Getting new phone

Hi everyone! How's your Sunday going? Mine is soon to be over and that is quite sad. But I had a very nice weekend. The event with the special kids last Saturday was a blast and all our efforts were paid off. 

I wish I could stop the time.I do not want Sunday to be over yet. Or maybe I just do not want to go to work. hehe!  But I know I need to, I need that paycheck so I have to motivate my self to work.

Anyways, I'm thinking of giving my self a new phone this Christmas. Before I don't really consider it because I keep telling my self that I don't need it as long as the old one is working but when a friend told me that I deserve a bit nicer phone than what I have now (which is really old) I said..yeah..why not?
I love samsung cell phones, that used to be my old brand but since my current phone is a gift I didn't have a choice. Didn't I? But now that I am buying my 
self one I think I'll go for Samsung. 

Now, what do you think is the best model that I can get? Any idea how much is a new phone now? I don't need  a super duper high tech phone though, just for texting and calling and maybe it will be nice if I can use it to open some social networking sites.

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