Saturday, August 14, 2010

Our dear Desktop

It's been a busy "photoshop" day for me and my husband. We did tarpaulin and thank you tag for my nephew's coming birthday, and another tag/sticker for a friend's baby shower this Sunday. That's the very reason why he wanted a big memory for our desktop. He's been learning a lot about photo editing and he's doing a lot of sample work which he save all the time. I hope our current computer will be able to stand all the job we are giving him. Although I've read from different desktop computer reviews that a desktop has much higher life span that a laptop. But then, this computer is quite old already, a friend gave this to us (second hand) and it's been with us for about two years already. As a matter of fact, this one died twice already but we can't just give him up yet, not until we have enough to buy a new one with huge memory and a faster processor.
So, to our dearest PC, please hang on with us :) and thank you for all your services to us!!

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