Friday, July 02, 2010

NASI GORENG with Pinoy twist

Nasi goreng, literally meaning "fried rice" in Indonesian and Malay, can refer simply to fried pre-cooked rice, a meal including fried rice accompanied with other items, or a more complicated fried rice, typically spiced with tamarind and chilli and including other ingredients, particularly egg and prawns. (wikipedia)

 We finally ventured into a a home base food business. And as will see in the pictures below, it is somewhat "rice in a bowl" type of food, our difference only is that we serve Nasi Goreng with special nasi goreng flavorings from Malaysia. We added some pinoy twist though by topping it with all time favorite pinoy food such as adobo, porkchop and fried chicken.

We are just starting and it's a good start. I feel we can go a long way with this business. Food is a necessity and with our super affordable price.I know we can make it!!

Nasi Goreng with Adobong Baboy
Nasi Goreng with Fried Chicken
Nasi Goreng with Longganisang Vigan
Nasi Goreng with  Lumpiang Shanghai
Nasi Goreng with Porck Chop
Nasi Goreng with Beef Tapa
Nasi Goreng with Embutido

Each bowl is priced for only 39.00!!!!!!!!!
Order na!

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