Wednesday, June 23, 2010


And to think it was there in front of our apartment and hubby is inside doing I do not know what. You can tell, I am mad, frustrated, disappointed the whole day because who needs unnecessary and non sense expenses these days?

I know I said I choose to be happy but..really I am just so pissed right now. I do not understand these towing trucks companies, do they have rules and regulations? or do they just do that to make money. I heard and read a lot of horror stories about towing here in Makati and I hope people from the authorities would do something about it.

Now, I am contemplating on getting from this cheapest auto insurance network to insure the bike. who knows what might happen next?

For the mean time, I will blog and play games first just to lighten my mood before sleeping.

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  1. Towing companies are the same the world over. No better here. Hope things start looking up for you. :)