Monday, April 26, 2010

Election time

2 weeks to go before that big day and you can imagine how dirty and how noisy it is here in our place.

Here's how it is going here now::

at 7 am will be awaken by several cars with loud music (jingle) in it is too loud so whether you like it or not and by the time you get out of your bed you have at least heard three different jingle form three different candidates.

at least once a week (evening) there is a "campaign rally" in one of your street so it will be blocked, then you have to re-route and worst you have to wait for that campaign rally to be over before you can finally sleep. Again, they made sure that the sound can reach even the people from the next town so it is too loud you can't really sleep.

when you get out of you house you will be greeted in every corner and in every wall of smiling faces of the people running for the public office. And to think we have designated place where you can put up your posters and other campaign materials. I wonder how long would it takes for this country to be clean again after this election.

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