Monday, August 24, 2009

Blog Make Over

This blog needs a new face, new theme and new lay-out. I am quite bored of how this blog looks because this has been its appearance for over two years now I guess. But I need a lot of time to do that and I need the internet connection at home so I can do the tinkering during late night hours. Hopefully the internet and the phone will be installed this week.

For the meantime, I am also thinking of getting this blog a domain of its own. Well, it has been hosted by blogspot since the day it was born and I am quite happy with that but we can’t avoid changes right?

I am seriously considering buying a new domain and have it hosted somewhere. I knew a lot of website hosting company out there but I am also aware of the many problems that crop up from time to time especially during maintenance period. I even read some posts about losing their blogs and making them oh so worried about it. Now I don’t want to deal with that. is really a big help. Looking at the available hosting company listed there will let you be able to choose the best that will fit you. If you are budget conscious like me it will be best to take a look at their site so you can compare prices. And I do encourage you to go and read more on their blog posts because you can also get a lot of tips on blogging and maintaining a site there.

Sometimes I do feel it is hard to maintain three blogs but when you know you are getting compensated with your work. It’s worth all the effort.

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