Sunday, April 12, 2009

New Domain Name

I’m thinking of buying a new domain name but I do not know where to host it. As you know, I already have three personal blogs abut I want one for our church. Two of my blogs has its own domain name and so far I’m quite happy about the way it is going. I’ve been blogging for years now and I can say I already have experience the ups and downs of it but I still do not consider my self an expert in this field, though I have already influence some friends to go and try blogging and so far I can see that they are enjoying it.

Now, in my search for a good web hosting site and the best in multiple domain hosting. I came across webhosting This site offer good reviews about different web hosts. You can see there for your self the top ten best hosting, the cheapest and the largest web hosting site. So if you’re thinking of having your own domain like me, or even considering a premium domain, I suggest a visit to their site is a must so you’ll have an idea what is best for you. A good web host is necessary if you want to be successful in putting up your site.

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