Wednesday, October 08, 2008

We can save the environment!

Yes we can, we don’t need to go out there and clean rivers by yourself or be somebody who’ll mobilize people to take some greening actions, but yes, you can do that too if you feel like doing it, what I am trying to say is that in our own small way we can help save our environment.

Just being aware how bad the global warming is and how it would affect our life here on earth will drive you and encourage you to do your part.

Reading about it, watching documentaries and videos about it raise the awareness in me, so now I know I’m doing my part, it may not be big but at least I’m proud to be of help to our environment.

And don’t you know while doing that you can even reward yourself something big? Like a Honda Civic Hybrid car? Yes, because Charter save green, Go reen is doing just that, they’re giving away a hybrid car if you order any charter service online or simply by registering.

I love the idea of winning something for saving the environment. I just hope more companies and organization follow suits so more people will be encourage to help save mother earth.

It is never too late if we start it now. Do your part. Keep that candy bar wrapper on your pocket. Do not throw that cigarette butt somewhere else. Going to grocery? Bring that grocery bag instead of the plastic. Recycle.

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  1. wow. I didn't know that.

    check out Dollar General, if you have one near you. If you buy some items from their store you can use your receipt and enter for lots of green stuff. I forget how much, sorry. I bought oreo cookies. For a chance to win.