Saturday, October 04, 2008

I am so tamad and tired

Kadarating lang namin from Tagaytay..mga 2 hours ago, 2 more hours papunta naman kami ng Pangasinan, minus hubby nga lang. Di pa ako nag aayos ng gamit as in wala pa..

Kasi naman..I'm bleeding..yes, in feeling ko mauubos na dugo ko sa katawan.I'm actually bit worried na nga of this excessive menstrual flow of mine since this morning.

And I'm still tired.

But I can't say NO to my family.

Hirap no?

Gusto ko sana mag leave sa work sa Monday pero lalong hindi pwede dahil may importannte akong gagawin..

Haaay!!! forever S-L-A-V-E...


  1. where in pangasinan? :)

  2. Sis please don't overdo. Your health is very important and I think everyone will understand that. :)

  3. take an extended rest na lang sa breaks mo. hope you feel better today. have a great week!