Monday, September 15, 2008


I always enjoy seafood, thank God that both me and hubby are free from any food allergies so we can always eat all the seafood that we want. There is this place in our place where you can buy fresh seafood and then besides it are rows of restaurants where you can give them what you bought and they will cook it for you, you just tell them how you like it to be done. We go to this place on several occasions, usually when we celebrate someone’s birthday and yes I can tell you it is one of our favorites. The food always tastes best when it is cook while it is still fresh.

I love big shrimp in particular and I want to have a taste of this shrimp recipe. This delicious shrimp recipe is from Texas thus the name of the recipe, Chef Mark Holley created it. I like that he also used tomatoes in it. I could even smell the combination of ingredients he used. Look at the picture, isn’t it delicious?

You can take a look of the complete recipe at the It’s the great cook off contest where great chefs create great recipes. When you visit the site you can see more delicious recipes and you can also vote for the one you like best and by voting you will have a chance of winning a trip to New Orleans. Yes! So make your browsing productive, visit the site today and join the contest. Who knows you might be browsing the net from your hotel in New Orleans soon!


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