Thursday, July 24, 2008

I'm on the top 5!

Yup! I made it and I can't be happier, yeppeee!

ok. ok, before you all made a guess of what I have won, and NO, it's not a lotto or sweepstakes..It's a contest from Juliana's site :)

here's her announcement from her blog this morning.


It’s time to celebrate! The actual date of my blog anniversary was not such a day worthy of any celebration because of the mishap. The perfect time to celebrate is today, as I’m also announcing the winners of my first ever contest.

Lisa L. - $100
Mari - $55
AiDiSan - $40
Heidi - $30
Rocks - $25

To all my blogger friends who participated in the contest, thank you very much for your participation. I hope you’ll join me again in the future. I will be glad to have you again. This is definitely not the last contest; there will be more to come.

To the winners, please leave me your PayPal accounts so I know where to send the prizes to. Remember, comments are being moderated, so you need not worry about your accounts getting published.



You know why I am so happy? I was on the 6th place weeks ago, I thought I'm so behind I will not make it on the top 5, but I challenged my self and whoo!! efforts rewarded..see?

Thanks again sis, for this wonderful contest! Till the next!

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