Saturday, June 28, 2008

On cleaning and cash advance

I’ve been cleaning, this started last Tuesday. And since today is Saturday I found myself again going through the cabinets and cleaning, I got two full plastics bags of clothes that we are no longer using, and because of that I thought of having another garage sale again for our fishnets scholars. I have to remind myself also to write a separate entry about our new scholars, or might as well update the fishnets blog.

It’s tiring but it’s satisfying, Our room is not that big but I find it hard to finish cleaning it on one day, maybe because I woke up late today so my day started late too. Should I blame my late blogging last night?

For the meantime, for those of you are in need of cash, oh well, I know we all do, try visiting this site which I browsed just a while ago, I don’t think I’m ready to get another pay day cash advance just right now but just in case. They offer faxless payday loan so it is hassle free, and yes, you can apply online. No need to go to the bank because if you got approved they’ll deposit the cash into your bank account. So next time you find your self in dire need of funds or you need to do cash advance you know what to do.

Our day is not yet over here in my side of the world, although it’s quarter to eight PM already, the worship team practice is yet to start so I have to go down now. I’ll blog again later,I think I’m beginning to enjoy late night blogging huh?

See you all later!

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