Wednesday, June 25, 2008


We went to see Irene who is now living with my sister in Bulacan last week end. I know, I have not mentioned anything about her here except for her graduation last April. She was actually one of our high school scholars last year. And she was supposed to take up a 2 year course in HRM but…

I was reminded of what happened to her last Saturday night after watching Imbestigador.

And I can’t help but be sad. Sad that she was force to put off her dreams of finishing college. But as I told her, she can still go for her dreams right after all these things.

She was a sweet girl, have known her for almost 4 years now. I always run to her when I needed help, she does our laundry sometimes, cook food when I am so lazy to do so, most of the time she was just there for us, helping us in anyway she can.

Now she badly needs help, she badly needs us, and though she is safe and we are assured that she’s in good hands she is still lonely and feels alone most of the time.

“Irene, we will always be here for you, always bear in mind that a lot of your friends do care and love you, you will get through this. Hang in there, be strong and always remember that God knows what’s best for you and for that little one!”

See you again soon!

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