Thursday, June 05, 2008

coffee break 1.21

How were you like as a grade school student?

Time flies so fast really, summer is over and it's back to school now. Very timely topic again Jan.

Me when I was a grade school student?

let me enumerate some stuff I remember;

1. I was shy
2. I was first honor (grade one) naks!
3. I joined several quiz bees. (reading contests are my favorite)
4. I had so many beautiful friends in the school which made more inferior.
5. I am skinny (so I wonder why I am so big now)
6. I don't like home economics (grade six)
7. I love to play chinese garter after school hours
8. This I remember so clearly - my grade six teacher who is kinda close to my mother usually asks me to go in front while she was teaching and look for her white hair!!!! haha! and i so disliked it.

But grade school like high school was fun, friendships, crushes, projects and all. they are part of what and who I am now.

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