Monday, May 26, 2008


I am dreaming right now, dreaming of being in a cruise and mind you not just an ordinary cruise but a Christian cruise. Yes, there is such a thing and I how I hope someday I’ll be living my dreams. Well, who knows? In God there is nothing impossible.

For now, I’ll just be dreaming of seeing the lands where Apostle Paul walked and shared the gospel. For now, I will just be dreaming of visiting Ephesus, the exact place where Paul taught the gospel. For now, I’ll just be dreaming that I am having some chats with other Christians in the world, talking about how great the Lord is.

It is indeed a dream to be part of those Bible cruises or Christian cruises. Touching the very land that I only read in my bible, being in the place where God first showed His great love for us. I’m sure every believer dreams of it too. And I’m sharing this dream with my husband.

And that reminds me that we have yet to secure our passports. Our Pastor has been nagging us for months to get one and I know he is right, if we are about to do worldwide missions then it is the first step. Right now we are still praying for the country where God will send us and enjoying the time of learning and training we are having here for the meantime.

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