Monday, May 19, 2008

coffe break 1.9

How would you teach the virtue of kindness to your child?

I don’t have a child I maybe stating a fact that is very ideally, anyways, I know it would be different when you have your own child na talaga.

But basically, kindness or any kind of virtues is best to teach by example. Action speaks louder than words. You may tell your kid the many ways to be kind and yet failed to give them even one example from you, it would still be different.

Be kind and your kid will be kind. No more no less. You are the greatest influence in your kid’s life so whatever you do and say, they’ll pick it up.

I hope I could be of good example to my kids when it’s time. I hope I would be able to teach them not only kindness but compassion to do what me and my hubby is doing right now or hopefully they will do more than what we does. Hopefully, they’ll be able to set-up the foundation I am dreaming of.

I’ll be very very proud of them.

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  1. almost the same tayo ng answer sis :) state ko pa nga yung example sa lucky me commercial.