Thursday, April 17, 2008

Film showing last night

It was the first fundrasing event for the "Fishnets scholars" this school year. And I want to say thank you to all who supported the events, Jerlyn for providing us a very very good movie. IT Philippines for the LCD, LJBC for the big white screen,venue and the sound system. And of course to all of you who bought tickets, rest assured that your 100.00 will go a long long way!!And we hope you will all support us again for our next fundraising!!

Thank you also to the LJBC Young Professionals who spearheaded the scholarship grant. Though we seldom see each other, in events like this one naman we can always count on each others support. Thank you Grace!!!!! from the bottom of my heart! may God bless you in return..and everyone..thank you so much!

At siempre pa, after the event we went out and had late dinner sa are some of our pictures!!

From left to right (Andrew,Carmel,Mahal,Moi,Jomer,tata,Michellle and Venus)Upper row (Rollyn, Lester,J-mie,Dax and Joven)Top (Grace and Ramon)

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