Monday, April 14, 2008


Congratulations Irene and Jovie! The very first graduates under the fishnets scholarship program which we started last year. It's worth it, all the effort and the struggle of sending you to school it's all worth it.

Actually, we had four scholars, one in college who took up graphic designing for 6 months and 3 high school, Lorie, graduated in high school also but it is sad because weeks before her graduation she eloped with her boyfriend. It was very frustrating but I learned from it and I am thankful that it didn't cause us to stop nor it lessen the passion in our hearts to help those who wants to help themselves.

This school year, we will be again accepting scholars and we're hoping we can support more than four. It is hard but it's very fulfilling. It is my dream to see these young people making thier dreams come true.

And to start the kick off of our fund raising, we will be having a film showing this wednesday. Hopefully more from our church will support us once again like what they did last year.


  1. wow rockzie! i'm so proud of you! galing!

    you have na pioneer scholars. i hope tuloy tuloy na to for them. may they be more inspired sa tulong na ipinagkaloob sa kanila, at maging daan sana to para tumulong din sila sa iba.


  2. you have a very noble cause! kudos!

  3. hi Thanks for the visit. I am back