Friday, March 14, 2008

Weekend plans

haay..super excited ako this weekend..kasi finally matutuloy na Ilocos province trip namin..but of course that's sunday afternoon pa..for now, let's see how's my weekend will be
AM - I plan to go with hubby sa saturation drive in Singkamas, if magigising ako ng maaga.
- If not naman, I'll probably go to grocery store to buy stuff na dadalin naim sa Ilocos.
- Will call Hannan to remind them of the car we rented..and the time sched.
PM - I'll accompany Carmel & Andrew sa Divisoria ulit...This time Andrew will have his measurement taken naman for his barong.
While in Divisoria- I'll pick up also the souvenir mugs for Louise's daughter..then I'll remind my self to but balloons for my DIY balloon column practice.
at 7:00 PM - Worship team practice
1o:00 - will pack things for our trip on Sunday.
AM - will be in the church till noon.
1:00 PM - off to Ilocos Norte!! so excited!will post pictures for sure!

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