Friday, March 14, 2008

on blogging

I started blogging when I was preparing for my wedding, I joined an e-group of bride to be and saw that almost everyone owns a wedding website or a wedding blog and so I am encouraged to have one too. Back then, I’ll only post if I have some updates about the wedding and after the wedding I almost forgot that I had a blog..silly me. But then, I heard about being paid while blogging, about earning money on your blog or that get paid to blog. I suddenly become interested in blogging again, who wouldn’t want to have that extra cash anyway? And I just can’t believe they’ll pay you while writing updates o your blog. I got hooked. I have yet to get paid but it looks so promising. I mean I am enjoying this now and getting some extra bucks in the side. You write your thoughts, you rant, you rave and you blog for money. Isn’t that great?

Now, if you're thinking of earning money from your blog, visit the SMORTY site,I think it's one of the most popular site who really pays when you sign up with them, of course after approval of your post..but it's easy,they give you new task from the advertiser,you write about it,submit it and then get paid.
happy blogging everyone!

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