Wednesday, March 05, 2008

gangster..remembering my students

Last Sunday night, saw the movie "Gridiron gang" in HBO, it was a 2006 movie that stars Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson". I was not really interested but eventually got hooked..and at the end of the movie I found my self remembering a class I thaught when I was still in Cabanatuan City.

This was a group of young men ( I don't even remember thier names now) but sure I can still see thier faces in my mind. In thier last semester, I was assigned as thier class adviser. Actually, I chose them too. Nobody wants them dahil irregular class and they are known to be stubborn and pasaway but I picked them. (paging BSMT October 2000 graduates of Midway Maritime Foundation.)

Oh yes, they are pasaway and I had tons of headaches but the experience of handling them was worth it. I remember thier parents talking to me about thier son, thier Social Science teacher telling me that one is already one week absent and many more behavioural problems..meron pa nga one time, we were having class, bigla na lang may sumugod na one student in our room at pinagsasapak ang isa sa kanila..But still, I don't regret being thier last Class Adviser.

I can very well relate sa "mustangs' kasi nga these students are well known to be matitigas ang ulo so no teacher that time wants them. Pero naman I was very proud of them, during our Shool Foundation day, we formed a basketball team, first time nila sumali sa mga activities ng school, at kahit hindi kami nag champion,I was still so proud kasi I know they exerted efforts. they played fairly naman at wala naman silang naka away.

At our most memorable, we entered a"float" sa float parade and we won frist you can imagine how happy they were during that time, at talagang maiiyak ka sa mga comments nila..One said "Ma'am,thank you kasi kayo ang naging adviser namin,ngayon lang namin ito naranasan sa buong buhay namin dito sa school". I know deep in my heart, I have imparted to them a life lesson they will always remember.

And months after thier graduation, one mother came to me and gave me pastries..she said pinapabigay ng anak nya, one of my students before nga. I can never be happy. I wish I could post some of our pictures here kaya lang nasa province lahat ng old photo albums ko.

Right now, I am thinking If I can do it again..but of course it's not gonna be in school na. I'm thinking of a youth ministry in the church..madaming gangster sa mga urban poor areas dito sa Metro Manila, I know it's hard and easier said than done..but seeing someone's life has changed...It's all worth it.

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