Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Question and Answer

Joy sent this tag, Thank you very much. I am passing this tag to norm and to iyrel and to all my fellow bloggers out there, feel free to grab this tag!

Are you in a complicated love situation?----- Of course not
Do you hate more than 3 people? ----Don't hate anyone
The last thing you drank?---- If it's drink..then water

Favorite chocolate bar?---- not fonds of chocolates
How many pairs of shoes do you own?---- I guess now at least 6.
Favorite genre of music? ----Gospel songs, Mellow sounds
Do you like beer?---- nope
What are your favorite color(s)? ----Pink, Blue and Canary yellow
Is anyone in love with you? ----yeah..very much inlove with me.
How many video games do you own? ----none
Does look matters? ----not really
Are you too forgiving?---- I think so
Do you own a gun? ----NO...ooops yes..a glue gun :)

What did you do last night? -----Ate a lot of pancit and kaldereta (can't resist mom's recipes)
Nicknames? -----Rocks, Quel, Raquel, Rocky
Are you thinking about somebody right now?----- not somebody but something
Are you happy with your life right now? ----Yes
Do you like your hair? ----yes.
Does anyone like you? ----I think yeah..
Last thing you read? ----some blog's
Are you afraid of the dark? ----No
Have you ever stripped?----- in public? haha! no of course..but in our room..yes
Can you cook?----- yes, boiled eggs, fried eggs..idding aside, I can cook adobo,menudo and some filipino foods but I don't guarantee that it would be as good as my mom's.
Money or Love?----- Love comes first then money
Do you enjoy scary movies? -----Not anymore.

Marriage Or Live In?----- I strongly believe in the sanctity of marriage
When was the last time you said “i love you”?----- this morning

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  1. thanks sis for this interesting tag, I'll do it if I have time dami ko pa kasi tasks mga 15 pa yata, then balik ka sa yesterday site ko may cosmo cover girl ako para sayo, take care and God bless you always..