Friday, August 22, 2014


Hi there!

August is about to end again and I'm only on my 2nd post for the  month. Not good. :( well, for a blogger, the usual reason could be any of the following;  1. offline life is  busy so there is no time left to go online and write about what's happening;  2. there isn't much happening (at least something that is interesting to write about) 3. No internet access 4. OR maybe just plain lazy.

For me, I got all of them. hehe.

My husband and I are busy and always tired that even our laundry is now the same height of the tallest mountain in the Philippines (exaggerating of course but yes, we can't even find time for it)

It is so hard to juggle a lot of stuff in your hands. I am so looking forward to days when we can give up one or two and have leisure time for ourselves. 

Ministry/church work are mostly taking our time BUT we are enjoying this and for sure we will not give this up. It is our passion and this is where we see ourselves in the near future.

There is actually a lot less pressure now in my job and so with my husband and I am thankful for that-because it gave us more time for the ministry works. Great timing I can say.

It's Friday and it's a long weekend here in my world as on Monday is our National Heroes Day. 

So maybe we can do our laundry on Monday...:) Gosh..why am I even blogging about our laundry? haha! I'm weird.

Anyways, how's everyone? I hope you are all doing fine.

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  1. Laundry can get so out of control. We do laundry every other day or so and that seems to do the trick.

    Have a fabulous long weekend my friend. ♥♥♥