Monday, June 30, 2014

End of June

Oh my! that means half of the year is over and gone.
Tomorrow will be the beginning of the second half and before you know it ..December na ulit. Ang bilis ng panahon no?

So many unexpected things happened to us during the first half of this year. Some good things and some are not so nice. It makes life balance yata. Hindi naman pwedeng puro good lang di ba? at lalo namang hindi pwede na puro bad lang.

I remain hopeful and I am trying to be more positive than before, to not focus on the not so nice things like what have happened to my mother that changed hers and our lives forever. Instead, I  ma thankful that she is till with us.

Life will get better and better. I am sure of that. It makes a lot of difference when you change your perspective eh, if you are hopeful, joyful and positive-somehow you feel lighter even if you are going through rough times di ba?

So everyone..remain hopeful and be glad :) everything will be alright.

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  1. We always fare better when we think positively. Always.

    Have a fabulous week. ♥♥♥