Sunday, March 02, 2014


Today is already the 2nd of March and is my only brother's birthday. Like my sister who had her birthday at the hospital last February 28, he spent it at the hospital too with my mother.

I told him, we are still blessed despite them having to celebrate their birthdays at the hospital because at least Nanay is safe, alive and I'm sure sooner or later will be out of the hospital.

It is only the 3rd month of the year and this ugly incident will not determine my whole year. Something good is going to happen to me, to us. I am so sure of that.

I'm still looking forward to do the  things on my list this year or in the future like...

learn to play the keyboard (or at least read the casio lk 230 manual)

try surfing at least once in my lifetime

and travel more :)

GOD is good!!


  1. Things will get better. Life if filled with detours. You just have to adjust and carry on. You'll do fine.

    Have a blessed Sunday Rocks. ♥♥♥

  2. Thank you Sandee!