Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Weddings :)

Just before the year ends, there were talks and pictures of engagement rings at my facebook and instagram pages. Two famous celebrities got engaged and a friend (ex-girlfirend of my brother in law) is also now engaged :) Which somehow made me feel sad because I so like her and I was hoping that someday soon she will reconcile with the brother in law. But of course on the other hand, I was happy too because engagements and weddings are happy occasions and it always excites me.

Made me think of my own wedding and my own engagement ring :)

one of my fave photos on our wedding day

Made me think of my friends wedding also to which I was part of :) Those are special too!

Carmel and Andrew's wedding
Jemay and Ramon's wedding
Jerlyn and Lester's wedding

Jiji and Regie's wedding (such a happy pic!)

J-mie and Von's wedding

Grace and Freddie but I was not at the picture :)

Can't find a picture of Michelle and Dax and Tata and Neil but will add them up as soon as I found one. All of them are special weddings I will forever treasure in my heart :)

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  1. Wedding are such happy occasions. You have some lovely memories here Rocks.

    We aren't having all the freezing cold weather that much of the rest of the country is having. It's a mild winter here in California.

    Have a fabulous day Rocks. ♥♥♥