Monday, November 18, 2013

Hello Sunshine! Hello Hope!

This epiphone special ii is a ray of sunshine to my husband. Les paul is a brand he always love and is dreaming of having one someday. But enough with his music and guitars, the sun is shining so brightly today and I can’t help but be positive about it.

Sunshine connotes positivity and I am so glad we have plenty of sunshine for few days now. I pray that somehow it would give hope to my devastated brothers and sisters in Visayas.

Yesterday, a yahoo group where I belong to were able to pack at least 15 big boxes of relief goods for 95 families in Aklan. I know it is just relief goods and they have yet to rebuild their houses but at least that is ray of sunshine for them now.

Indeed, there is hope and as I have said before it can't always rain. :)


  1. What an awful storm indeed. Those affected remain in my prayers. May the sunshine continue.

    Have a blessed day and week. :)

  2. Thank you for your prayers Sandee!!