Friday, October 18, 2013

Life is full of surprises

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Really, life is full of surprises.

However, I wish  it was more of a pleasant surprise, like a increase of pay, an early Christmas cash bonus perhaps, or a gift check for a set of jewelries from for Michael Kors jewelry. Or maybe a trip abroad? You know those good and pleasant surprises that  we once in a while hope for?

But nah...

Unfortunately, I was once again surprised with a bad news last Monday. Mother was rushed to the hospital, needed blood transfusion. Upon hearing that, I was once again restless and worried. I found my self right there beside my mom in the hospital bed that Monday night and what a sigh of relief as I spoke to her and assured that she's gonna be okay.

Well, she's  now ok after 3 bags of  blood and four days in the hospital. She is now home and recovering.

I am now back in the office and will catch up on sleep and rest later.

Life is full of surprises and I am hopeful that next time it visits me, it will be a pleasant one.


  1. I'm glad your mom is going to be okay. I'll add her to my prayers.

    Have a blessed day my friend. :)

  2. That is good news that your mother is now recovering

    I wish her well :-)