Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fancy tapes

Or popularly called washi tapes. I've bee hearing about it from crafty moms so when I went to Uniwide Coastal mall and saw these cheap but beautiful colored tapes, I bought some for myself  kasi they are cheaper than regular bookstore eh, all of these (7 rolls) are only 34.00 (less than a dollar) good buy diba?

So now, the question is, where will I use them?

so far...I used it to make my boring USB a colored one :)

and in my plain black planner 

My husband used the green and red combination for his acoustic guitar too :)

There are many other colorful and beautiful designs so next time I make sure I'll buy some more. This is very good find for those who are into crafts/scrapbooking and for your DIY projects.


  1. There is such cool things out there to dress up things. I love it.

    Have a terrific day Rocks. ☺

  2. Sometimes I get a little crafty too. I got a fair amount of collection for gift giving. I'm not a gifted gift wrapper, so I make up for the design on the wrapping or on the card ;o)