Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Office work has been busy these last few days, I spent almost 12 hours in the office everyday and I even work on Saturdays too. Hopefully, we will slow down this coming week. Though I love the extra pay I get I still love to have my regular rest days back to normal.

I missed our church first anniversary last June 12. As usual I was asked to report to office but I went home late the night before and finished a lot of work. I excused myself the next day and slept the whole day (alone in the house). It was Philippines’ Independence day also.

I’m bored at home during nights (no TV again-broken) and I wanted to paint our walls pink. Yes pink or maybe green or whatever happy color there is. Plain white or dirty white is boring and I want a different color, maybe I’ll do it sometime this month along with other small things I want to do with our place, maybe replace that broken door knob with push-pull knobs and maybe hang more pictures.

And oh, I finally got myself a dish organizer and a single tub washing machine. Hooray to me. :D

And I’m planning an out of town trip for me and the husband next month. Crossing my fingers it will push through. I think I need this one.I want to at least chill out and relax even it is only for a weekend.

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