Thursday, March 28, 2013

Plumbing Problem

Guess what? We are still here in our tiny dwelling in the Metro, we were supposed to travel earlier this morning but I got discouraged when I learned from my sister how long the lines are in the bus terminal, they were there at four in the morning but boarded the bus only at around eight o’clock. Imagine that. So we’re stuck here for the day as we plan to travel later this evening. I think traffic is lighter by then and hopefully no more long lines at the bus terminal. 

Stuck at home, I began nagging my husband about the many things we needed to do, you see, it’s very seldom that we’re here for the whole day. One of my major issues is the bathroom which was never used as a bathroom since we were here the first day. I’ve been asking my brother in law who can do it since my husband knows nothing about plumbing, as in nothing at all which frustrates me at times. I hope he can learn something about plumbing from plumbing experts here so we won’t always be depending on outside help but that is very unlikely I think. I’m wishing we could hire these experts from roto-rooter but since we live in a different part of the world I’d settle to local plumbers I know (also known as my brother in law as I have mentioned before and his father in law who is also very knowledgeable about this matter) They won’t be as professional as them and they may not have the best tools but I’ll settle for as long as our bathroom will become a bathroom again. 

Next in line are the hooks I have long been wanting to put in different areas. My husband when it comes to this stuff has selective hearing syndrome, so today since we have plenty of time, we are going to fix that hooks. I’m sure it will not take an hour to do that - only we have yet to buy the hooks :( 

I’m hoping we could settle our plumbing problem the soonest possible time. It would be more comfortable for us to have that bathroom fixed. 

 Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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  1. We had our downstairs bathroom tiled last Saturday and couldn't use it until Tuesday afternoon. Boy did we miss that bathroom. I can so relate.

    Have a fabulous day and a wonderful Easter weekend. ☺