Monday, March 25, 2013

Parker guitars

Right now I'm showing the husband these parker guitars and he's like "wow! that's nice! and his eyes are popping out :) really,  when it comes to musical instruments specially guitars he's always like that. I know he doesn't need new one now but if you ask him, he'll say "yes, I need one". men oh men..

What he need actually is a gig bag, it is so hard to travel in our motorbike without a nice and sturdy gig bag, his guitar is quite heavy. We were supposed to check gig bags and not guitars but as usual, just like what he normally does in a mall every time he sees a music store, he will stop and spend time there. I'm used to it now :)

I wish these guitars and music gadgets are not that expensive. If they're not that pricey probably the husband has 4 or 5 now. Ridiculous. He has only two hands who can play one guitar at a time di ba? But I'm sure you understand, sometimes I am like that too when it comes to bags..hehe..

anyways, back to browsing now, the guitar man is waiting.

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