Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Going home for the holy week

It's a veeery long weekend here in my part of the world. Holy week is usually the longest holiday here. Four days off for me :) Next to Christmas season, this time of the year is my second favorite.

So we are going home in the province. It's pain in the ass to get seats in the bus  as most people who resides  here in Metro Manila are going back home to their provinces.

It's this time also that how I really wish we have our own family car, we will be bringing home my father's wheel chair  which is kinda bulky and heavy (nah..we don't need to find car lifts for that) . But sigh, I can imagine how hard it will be for us tomorrow, good thing that wheel chair will fit in the bus' compartment but still..a lot easier if you travel with your own car right?

Anyways, even if we have to wait for hours and hours just to get into the bus,we will still go home. I don't want to miss this because all of my siblings are going home including all their kids. Sure that is chaos but it is also fun.

I'm excited and I can't wait to spend time with them.

But honestly, I am more excited of  being away from the office for four days. hehe.

How do you spend your holy week out there in your world? I hope you get time to rest and to reflect too.


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  1. I spend it the same as I spend every other thing. We really don't do anything special here except for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Everything else is just another day.

    Have a terrific day and enjoy your family Rocks. They will make the trip to and from worth it all. ☺