Friday, March 08, 2013

Did you see the signs?

Yes I did, I saw the signs, Yard Signs and real property signs, why do I see them? Because I am looking for them. Most of my friends know that we are praying for a house and lot or even for a lot alone that is why I always take a second and third look every time I see those kind of signs out there in the streets.

Strange though that even just looking at the signs and entrance gate of those real properties for sale, you can easily say if it is pricey or not. Like for instance the one I saw in South two weeks ago, the entrance gate (arch and castle type) is so huge and beautiful, the signs are big and nice, so from that alone I can assume that the houses they’re going to built are big and that the community will be pleasant and of course expect a pricey one for that.

And we cannot afford it for now, maybe when I get rich (the quest though is –Will I ever be rich?) Judging from my salary, I guess I have very slim chances :)  but let’s see, life they say is full of surprises, God might do a miracle and wake me up one day with hundred million pesos in my bank account. 

Anyways, did you notice how funny the signs can be sometimes? I don’t know but I’ve seen a lot of hilarious signs here. They are every where, from bakeries to shoemaker and a lot more. But mind you, for businesses, sometimes they don’t even know that they get more attention because of that. I think creative signs attract more clients. 

I remember the one I saw from a swimming pool back in our province  though they are signs for safety and precautions, it caught my interest and I laugh but it served its purpose well. It  caught my attention. Signs are made for that, to get ones attention and them notice and read what’s those signs are for.

Well, for now I will just keep looking at real property signs and will keep my hopes high that someday soon we will find the right sign that is best for us.

 *This is a sponsored post but all the points and views are mine*


  1. Everyone wants their own home, but they are money pits. Pretty soon there are repairs and painting and the fence needs mending, a new roof. When you rent someone else takes care of all of that.

    You already know that being rich isn't a recipe for happiness. You have already achieved happiness.

    Have a terrific day and weekend. ☺

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