Friday, March 01, 2013


Yes!! I am finally connected here at home. We now have a laptop to use and a prepaid broadband :) I'm actually not use to a laptop (I'm hands down to  desktop eversince) but in no time I'll get use to this for sure.

I'm just happy of the many things I can do now (and not rush everything in the office) like the many research and stuff, say looking for rotary blades for example....and what's best about having computer and internet at home? I can play online games again..hehehe!

I already talked to friend via skype last night. It's just so good to be connected again in the comfort of your own room after such a long time.

I need not worry about extra work again cause I can do them now at home. Yay for that!!

And blogging life is back to normal again. Happy!!

1 comment:

  1. Good for you Rocks. We are computer poor. We both have laptops and I have a stand alone too. We just use the tar out of them too.

    I'm happy you are happy.

    Have a terrific day and happy blogging. ☺