Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Visit to Crocodile Farm in Davao

During our last day in Davao, our host brought us to Crocodile Farm (to our delight)  I thought we will never get to see at least one tourist spot in Davao but thank God we did.

And oh..I have never seen so many crocodiles before, yearlings, juveniles and HUGE crocodiles are everywhere. There is a star crocodile name Pangil, I think he is the oldest croc there, he's alone in his pool (which I think is small for him-and I don't know either  if they use pentair pool pumps in their croc pools but yeah I noticed some are really crowded)
that's Pangil, sorry for the blurred picture :)
And aside from hundreds of crocodiles, there are also many other animals there, plenty of snakes and birds. There are tigers, monkeys and ostrich.
this one just had a fight thus the bloody teeth

Entrance Fee is 150.00 for adult (fee to the nearby butterfly farm included)

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  1. We'd go to Florida to see these. They are all over the place there. How fun you got to go.

    Have a fabulous day Rocks. ☺