Friday, December 14, 2012

Enjoyed singing in videoke

 My husband attended their office Christmas party last night. It was an overnight party (which I find weird) and was an out of town. They rented a private place with swimming pool so I guess it's also a swimming party :)

I let him go because he's been working hard and they've been busy at work this month. I think he needs to relax a bit. But of course with a warning that he'll not do whatever they do (drink, smoke and foul jokes) there.

Sure he did not do anything but swim and sing to his hearts content. There is a videoke available in the place so he took advantage of it. My husband loves singing, be it live or with a videoke or karaoke ( sometimes we do browse some karaoke machine at guitar center and check them wishing we could get one for the family someday) you know, singing can be a good family bonding.

Anyways, they're back this morning and I'm happy that he enjoyed the party :)

Have a nice weekend everyone!

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