Thursday, October 25, 2012

Customized box for guitar effects

The husband is doing a DIY box for his guitar effects. I'll definitely post picture of it here.

He actually inquired about the price of a custom made box and he was surprised that it is so expensive. Thus, he decided he'll make one for himself.

Last Saturday, we bought the materials needed (we spent hours looking for every items he need plus extra hours looking at some musical instruments also, he can't resist it! went to see an  akai mpc at guitar center, a drum set, speakers and a lot more. Good thing I was with him at that time, if not, it has probably taken him the whole day.

So anyways, he started the project already (keeps him awake till past midnight) and I hope he can finish it this weekend (because it keeps me awake too!)

I'll keep you posted :)

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