Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Kinder Zoo inside Manila Zoo

We've been to Manila Zoo for few times already but not to Kinder Zoo which is inside Manila Zoo because there is a separate entrance fee for that. Manila Zoo entrance fee is only 40.00 for adults and 20.00 pesos for kids, now if you're from Manila (as shown in your ID) they'll give you 50% off the fee. Kinder Zoo's entrance fee is much higher. One hundred pesos (100.00) for the entry alone and 50.00 for each activity inside the zoo. 

Some activities your kids will surely enjoy are;

 wall climbing
zipline  :)

horseback riding

We were able to buy from an on line deal a 99.00 voucher that includes entrance fee and two unlimited activities. So off we went last Saturday and also to celebrate a godson's birthday. Don't you love cheap on line deals no?if I have money I'll buy a lot of travel deals and dining vouchers :) I'll buy practically everything except buy cheap cigars online because I don't need that. 

Anyways, here are more of our pictures :)

eating inside the zoo is not allowed except if you rent a table at the barn area or int he swimming pool area. We rented one at the barn area for 200.00 for the whole day.


  1. Oh how fun. I remember taking my grand babies to places like this when they were little. Now one is grown with a baby of her own and the other is in high school.

    Have a terrific day Rocks. :)

  2. looks like your kids really have fun
    love the parrots...
    thanks for the visit ms. rocks