Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Guitar gadget = excited husband

My husband is a musician and I understand how passionate he is with his music including all of the instruments and gadgets such as guitar electronics that goes with it. I don't know if I already mentioned here that he just purchased a second hand gadget for his guitar and of course excited as he us, he posted about it on facebook something like..he's been waiting for it for the longest time (unfortunately he forgot to mention that the post is about the gadget) people we knew thought I was pregnant because of his post. Funny.

But not everything is fun with regards to his passion. Recently also, I was terribly mad (ok angry) because of a recording gadget the band bought from someone. For the nth time I reminded my husband to consult me with every purchase specially if it involved the whole band so we won't get into trouble. I hope he understood and I hope he learned his lesson from that incident too.

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