Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Life plan for 650.00/month

Instead of getting something like the 40 year term life insurance at equote I opted for St. Peter life plan instead. The cheapest is 650.00 per month. And the agent said after one year of payment, the buyer is then insured.

I still have to fill out the forms though. I think it is one good investment. One thing I like about it is it is transferable. I am actually encouraging some friends to get the plan also because really we do not know when are we going to need it. My parents are old and I'm getting old and I'm sure this one will be of help to us someday (but not in the near future please) twenty years or more...hehe!

Our Pastor's wife bought a plan years ago while she was still working and when her father died, they were able to use it and it was such a big help to them. One less thing to worry when you are grieving di ba?

How about you? do you have funeral/memorial life plan? Do you have any plans of getting one for your self or for any of your loved ones?

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